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  1. Go to "View/grade all submissions".

  2. Select the submission: In the "Grade" column, click on the pencil OR the arrow in the "Edit" column (see below).  The "Edit" column arrow is also used to Regrade an assignment.

  3. The rubric shows below:

  4. "Click" to select the desired point value - yup, that is all you do!  
  5. Add comment/feedback and choose to notify students or not.
  6. Save the rubric: 
    • Save changes - Saves this assignment, or
    • Save and show next - Saves this assignment and moves to the next submission.

Once saved, the grade is automatically recorded in the Gradebook.

  1. To check:
    1. From the Course Management icon, select "Gradebook".
    2. View type, select "Grader report".
    3. Scroll to the Assignment that used the rubric.