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Accessing Network Files and Drive Mappings 

Note: Only on premise Labs and Virtual Desktop allow access to files located on campus network drives. Users may elect to store permissible files on their personal Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage instead for easy access within the Citrix environment.

Logging in to a Citrix virtual machine should automatically map your network drives. If they are not visible in file explorer, follow the steps below to trigger the drive mappings.

  1. To access your network drives while connected to a Citrix Virtual Machine, click the taskbar caret (^), then right click on "Client for Open Enterprise Server", and then left-click"OES Login" as shown below. 

  2. Login to OES / Novell using your network username and password (e.g. johndoe for students, jdoe for staff).

    Now you should be successfully connected and your network drives mapped.