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Purpose of Form

This report is to be used when changing the cost distribution of an employee’s wages for a single existing and active position. If you need to look up their current cost distribution, please use the My Employees with Cost Distributions report in your Reports folder. The work orders used in the current contract are identified in the “Distribution WO Column” with respective percentages.

Important: This form is not effective for making changes to incorrect past cost distributions. If you require a historical change, please contact for assistance with a JV to move the wages. 

Table of Contents:

Navigate to the Cost Distribution Update Form

1. Login to Unit4 ERP.

2. Navigate to the Forms tab in the main menu. Select Cost Distribution Updates.

You can also use the search box in the upper right corner to search the name of the form.

3. FORM ID*: When the form is open, this is the first field you will see.  This field automatically populates as [NEW] which indicates that an auto generated number will be created. You do not need to enter anything here.  


Completing the Form

1. Employee: Using the type-ahead functionality, start typing in your employee’s name, then press Tab when you are on their name. If you are unsure of the spelling, click the 3 dots for an Advanced Search.

2. Position: Click the drop-down arrow on the Position field to select the employee's position. An employee may hold more than one position so in the drop-down field, you will see all of their active positions. If they have two positions with the same name, double-check the position number to ensure you select the correct position.

3. Effective CD Date: Enter the date that this Cost Distribution is effective.

NOTE: Using an “effective date” prior to today will not impact wages that have already been posted to your work order. If you notice incorrect wages in your work order, please contact for assistance with a JV.

4. Will this ‘Cost Distribution’ change be ongoing? If this is a permanent change, select Yes and continue onto Step 6. If it is temporary change, select No; you will then see a form field appear for an end date.

5. Enter the date that this Cost Distribution is no longer effective.

6. Number of Work Orders (WOs): Enter the Number of Work Orders you will be using. Based on the “Number of WO’s” you enter, the number of entry fields will populate.

7. Enter the Work Order in the fields provided using the type-ahead functionality. Be sure to include the hyphens (-) if t9. yping in numbers. Click on the 3 dots for an ‘Advanced Search’ if you are unsure of the number.

8. Enter the corresponding percentage (%) that is to be allocated to the corresponding Work Order number (a full-time FTE is 100.00%).

Note: The total of all Work Order percentage’s must be 100% (no more, no less)

9. When you have entered all of the Work Orders and their percentages, click on Save Draft, then click Submit Form for approvals.