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Workstation Configuration

Digital Fabrication students have local administrator access to any workstations located in TR106 and TR115 computer labs.

VPN and RDP access is automatically provisioned to AD\DFAB1, AD\DFAB2, and AD\Instructors groups.

Remote Desktop access has to be completed with the full remote host name e.g. 

In addition to the GP Software, these applications are also installed specifically for DFAB

Lab / RoomSoftware vendorSoftware nameCurrent versionDescriptionOwnerLicensingDeployment type
TR106/TR1153D SystemsGeomagix Design X2021DFABDFAB Y2DFAB LicensingManual - After SolidWorks
TR106/TR115Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)Creative Cloud (Named user)2023DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2Selkirk LicensingSCCM
TR106/TR115AlicevisionMeshroom2021DFABDFAB Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115AnsysSpace Claim2021DFABDFAB Y2DFAB LicensingSCCM
TR106/TR115AutodeskFusion3602023DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2Educational licenseSCCM
TR106/TR115AutodeskHSM plugin for Solidworks2023DFABDFAB Y2Educational licenseManual - After SolidWorks
TR106/TR115AutodeskHSM Ultimate2023DFABDFAB Y2Educational licenseManual
TR106/TR115AutoDeskMeshMixer3.5DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115AutoDeskNetFabb Premium2023DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2Educational licenseSCCM
TR106/TR115DanielGM.netCloud Compare2.12DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115Dassault systemsSolidworks29.4.1.1DFABDFAB Y2DFAB LicensingManual
TR106/TR115FormlabsPreform3.25DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115KeyShotKeyShot11.1DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2DFAB LicensingSCCM
TR106/TR115MeshlabMeshLab2022.02DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115Notepad++Notepad++8.4.2DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115Raise 3DIdea Maker4.2.3DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115RepetierSlicr2.2.4DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115RhinocerosRhino7.19DFABDFAB Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115TrotecJob Control11.4.4DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2DFAB LicensingSCCM?
TR106/TR115UltimakerUltimaker Cura5DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2FreeSCCM
TR106/TR115VectricVCarve Pro10514DFABDFAB Y1 & Y2DFAB LicensingSCCM