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Selkirk College's trial for LockDown Browser expires June 30th, 2020.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a client application that is installed to a local computer. Both the Windows edition and the Mac edition of the browser are based on Google’s open source Chromium framework. Students do NOT need Google’s Chrome browser installed; nor will this version affect a Chrome browser that’s already installed.

LockDown Browser creates a “locked” quizzing environment for Moodle assessments and includes the following features:

  1. Assessments are displayed full-screen and cannot be minimized
  2. Assessments cannot be exited until submitted by users for grading
  3. Task switching or access to other applications is prevented
  4. Printing functions are disabled
  5. Print Screen and capturing functions are disabled
  6. Copying and pasting anything to and from an assessment is prohibited
  7. Right-click menu options are disabled (Windows); key + click options are disabled (Mac)
  8. Browser menu and toolbar options are disabled except Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop
  9. Function keys (F1-F12) are disabled
  10. Source code for the HTML page cannot be viewed
  11. URLs cannot be typed by the user
  12. Hundreds of screen capture, messaging, screen-sharing and network monitoring applications are blocked from running
  13. Links in questions that point to other servers don’t compromise the “locked” quizzing environment
  14. Pages from the assessment aren’t cached or stored in the browser’s history listing

And many other features...

  • LockDown Browser is not intended to replace the browser used by faculty or students within Moodle.
  • LockDown Browser is only intended for use by students while taking assessments that have been prepared for use with LockDown Browser.
  • This browser has not been tested for use in other areas of Moodle.