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The following steps outline how to submit a SCFA Schedule D Overload Form. This form is to be used when an SCFA employee will receive overload. Only Deans and Chairs will have access to this form. Please contact your Dean with any questions.

  1. Login to Unit4.

  2. Navigate to the “Forms” heading in the Menu, select "SCFA Schedule D Overload".


    You can also use the search box in the upper right corner to search  the name of the form. 

3. Under the Schedule D Form header, there is no requirement to enter a new Form ID. The "[NEW]" ID indicates that an auto generated number will be created.

4. Current Employee Info -  Enter the name of the employee receiving overload pay. You can use the type-ahead functionality to enter the last name, "Smith", or the first name "Jennifer". If you're unsure of the exact spelling, you can select the 3 dots to the right of the search box and it will open an advanced search option.  

Once the employee is selected, the remaining fields in this section will populate (Position, FTE, Union, and Overload Rate). If the employee has more than one position, you may have to use the drop down arrow on the Position field to select the correct position.  Note that the overload rate is based on the employee's current pay step and is not something you need to verify or recalculate.

5. Overload Details - To begin using the table, click Add to add a row for entry.  The rate will populate from the position data (above).

Enter Hours and Total amount. You will have to calculate the total and enter the total value in the Total field (the form does not calculate). Activity Dates are the dates in which Overload will be effective. Use the Payment Directions from drop down list to choose the way in which the employee prefers to be paid.  

6. Notes for Change - This section is used to capture any notes that will supplement your calculation for overload payment above. You will see an example included in each box for guidance. To remove the examples and add your own notes, simply click inside the text field three times to highlight the text. Press delete. 

7. Cost Distribution - use these fields to indicate any cost distribution that is required for the overload payment. The form contains up to six fields for work order splitting. Please ensure the total of all percentage fields equal 100%. 

8. Once you have completed your form, you can select the Submit button at the bottom. If you're not ready to send the form off for approval, you can save as a draft. Make a note of the Form number that is assigned so that you can easily recall the form in the Form ID field at the top of the form when you return.  You may also Clear the form to start over. 

The submitted form will flow to HR for review and approval. If there are any corrections required, HR may reject the form and it will return to you with a note for edits. If the form is approved, it will flow to Payroll for processing and the employee and Chair will received notification of the approval.