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The following steps outline how to submit a Scale Placement Form. This form is to be used when a hiring manager is preparing a contract for an employee in a new position. This form is housed within the Employment Contract Form and Temporary Employment Contract (TEC)

Once both the Employment Contract and Scale Placement Form are completed and submitted, workflow will send the forms to your Supervisor for approval. 

  1. Login to Unit4 (ERP)

  2. Navigate to the Form tab in the menu, and select, Employment Contract Form and Temporary Employment Contract (TEC).


    You can also use the search box in the upper right corner to search  the name of the form. 

3. If required to complete a scale placement form, select the employment group in the scale placement drop down field (SCFA or BCGEU).  The corresponding Scale Placement Form will appear as a tab.  

4. Click on the BCGEU/SCFA Scale Placement tab to open the form. 

5. Complete each section as you normally would. There is a Notes section at the bottom to help guide the completion of scale placement.

6. Return to the Contract Details tab to complete any remaining fields.