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For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

Timesheets are accessed by logging in to Unit4. Review step-by-step instructions here.


Do I need to submit timesheets?

  • Only PPWC employees, on-call employees, and Temporary Employment Contract (BCEU, SCFA, CE, Work Study or Exempt) employees are required to submit timesheets. 
  • The Timesheets Module does not support salaried employees submitting a timesheet. If you are part of the SCFA or BCGEU or Exempt employee groups, do not submit a timesheet. 

How do I log-on to Unit4?

What is a Work Order?

  • A Work Order is a component of the new financial reporting structure at Selkirk College.  A work order is "owned" by a manager or budget officer who's responsible for the charges that will be applied to the work order.  Your work order is assigned to your employment and is used to charge your wage costs, as well as to tell the system where to send the timesheet.
  • Each work order has both a 4 digit "simple code", and a 8 digit code. You can enter either code, but most people find the 4 digit code easier to remember.  Alternatively, you can use the type-ahead function to enter the name of your work order.

How do I find out what my Work Order is/ Work Orders are?

Your My Work Orders tab will list out all of the work orders to which you are assigned.  If you have any questions about where to code your time, please ask your supervisor. 

As an employee, how do I submit my Timesheet?

Review Submitting a Timesheet (Unit4 ) for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a timesheet.

How do I know what codes to use to record my time?

For a complete list of codes for use with Timesheets and Absence Requests, see Timesheet & Absence Codes - Summary and Definition (Unit4).

How do I record a STAT Holiday in my Timesheet?

STAT holidays will need to be captured within your timesheet on an individual line, separate from other types of time recorded within the pay period (i.e. STAT, Regular Hours, Sick or Vacation hours)Review Submitting a Timesheet (Unit4 ) for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a timesheet, and Timesheet & Absence Codes - Summary and Definition (Unit4) for a complete list of time codes.

What if I select the wrong Work Order?

  • To ensure you are using the correct work order, review the "My Work Orders" tab before submitting your timesheet. 
  • In the event you do select an incorrect work order, your supervisor will have to amend it as part of the approval process. 
  • The Timesheets Workflow will be triggered for a second level of approval if you select a Work Order which has a different Budget Holder than your direct supervisor. 

Why do I see so many Work Orders when I go to Select a Work Task?

  • All available Work Orders will be searchable in the "Select a Work Task" field to support the range of work that takes place at Selkirk College. 
  • To find your work order, open "My Personnel Information" and click on the "My Work Orders" tab.
  • The "Work Task" search field allows either the Work Order number or name.

As an Employee, what do I do if my timesheet is rejected?

  1. A timesheet may be rejected or returned to you for reasons such as:
    • Incorrect assignment of hours to the wrong Work Order; or
    • More information may be required as to the submitted time or absence.
  2. If your timesheet is rejected, review the accompanying comments and resubmit with the required information. Review the step-by-step document Submitting a Timesheet (Unit4 ) for detailed instructions on re-submitting your timesheet. 


As a supervisor, do I need to do Work Order training?

Yes. It is your responsibility as a supervisor to ensure that the employees have submitted their time against the correct Work Order. Payroll is not responsible for checking your employee's work orders. 

As a supervisor, how do I approve a timesheet?

Review the document Approving/Rejecting An Employee's Timesheet Submission - Supervisor (Unit4) for step-by-step instructions on submitting a timesheet.  

Why am I seeing a notification to approve a timesheet for an employee who does not directly report to me?

As a budget officer, you may receive a notification to approve a timesheet that records time against your Work Order. Please take the time to thoroughly review any unexpected time recorded against your Work Orders. 

As a budget officer, I see time applied to my Work Order that I did not approve. What can I do?

If the error is noticed any time after the pay period is processed, you must email the finance department to request an amendment. 

As a BCGEU/ Exempt/ SCFA supervisor, will I need to approve timesheets?

  1. Yes, your approval may be required if an employee codes time to a Work Order for which you are a budget officer. You will also have to approve any Temporary Employment Contract (TEC) employee submissions.
  2. Review Approving/Rejecting An Employee's Timesheet Submission - Supervisor (Unit4) for step-by-step instructions on reviewing a timesheet.  

As a supervisor, I approved a timesheet against an incorrect Work Order. How do I fix this?

  • If the error is noticed before payroll is processed for the impacted pay period, you can email Payroll department to amend the work order. 
  • If the error is noticed any time after the pay period is processed, you must email the finance department to request an amendment.