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This article outlines general access and basic functionality of Selkirk College email using Outlook on the web for O365. 

Note: Student transition to O365 is August 17, 2020.  Staff transition is slated for February 13th, 2021.  For more information on the implementation plan, visit Office 365 Migration.

 Signing in

Signing in to Outlook on the Web

  1. Open a web browser to the Outlook Sign in page (

    If You See This Screen

    If you see the above screen when trying to sign in, you are probably logged in to another Microsoft Service.  To bypass the automatic login, you can start a Private Window (Firefox) or Incognito (Chrome) session to see the login screen in step 2.

  2. Sign in:

    1. Enter your college username (email address) and password.

    2. Click "Next".

  3. Select No on the Microsoft sign in screen to stay logged in.

  4. You're done!
 Adding Outlook Email To Your Mobile Devices

From your Outlook on the Web Email Inbox (on first login):

  1. Open a web browser to the Outlook Sign in page (

  2. Sign in using your college username (email address) and password.

  3. Under "Get started", click on "Get Outlook mobile".

    NOTE: Once you click a topic or the "X" at the top within the "Get Started box", the topic/box will disappear. 

    To install the mobile app after your first login, visit Using Mobile Devices with Outlook 365 Email and follow the instructions respective to your mobile device.

  4. Enter your mobile number OR scan the QR code, then follow the prompts provided.



Note: For information and instructions on how to create, share and work with multiple calendars, see "Advanced Features" below. 


Note: For additional tips and instructions on managing contacts, see "Advanced Features" below. 


(question) Need More Help?

Contact the IT Service Desk: Submit a Ticket or call 55255 from a college phone