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Our Testing Notes

  • the iPad is cumbersome to add lots of text without an external keyboard.  This would affect their ability to answer Essay type questions.
  • Drag and Drop question types are also extremely sensitive to the finger dragging - could be frustrating for student.
  • the iPad forces the students to go through the entire Start Up Sequence, regardless of what you have set it for.
  • LockDown crashed in an iPad and all functions were locked.  A hard restart was required to get the iPad functional again. User was able to go back in and continue the exam.

The iPad Edition of "LockDown Browser" (available from  the Apple App Store) enables a student to use an iPad to take exams that require LockDown Browser. However, the instructor must select the appropriate setting for each exam that permits students to use an iPad

The LockDown Browser iPad app is not compatible with Sakai LMS servers. All Sakai users will need to use a computer with a compatible operating system. More details can be seen here.

Respondus Monitor is not supported at this time.

Monitor is a separate application used with LockDown Browser to deter cheating during non-proctored exams. Respondus Monitor is supported with the iPad edition of LockDown Browser, but certain features aren’t available, such as the facial detection step during the pre-exam startup sequence, and facial detection alerts during the exam itself.

Setting An Exam To Allow Students To Use The iPad Edition Of LockDown Browser (Faculty)

An instructor should follow these steps to allow students to access an exam with the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser:

  1. Login to the online course using an instructor account.
  2. Select the Respondus LockDown Browser tool (dashboard) and select "Modify Settings" for the exam.
  3. Select "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam".
  4. Expand "[+] Advanced Settings" and select "Allow students to take this exam with an iPad".
  5. Save the settings.

Using the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser (Student)

The student should:

  1. Download and install the "LockDown Browser" app from the Apple App Store to the iPad (requires iOS 11 or higher).
  2. Start the LockDown Browser app (some Learning Management Systems require you first logon via a standard browser, then launch LockDown Browser from your quiz page).
  3. The first time the app is used, you will be prompted to select your institution and server. If you later need to change the institution or server, select the "Settings" icon on the toolbar for the LockDown Browser app.

  4. Once the setup is complete, you should be directed to Selkirk College's logon page.
    1. Log in with the correct credentials
    2. Navigate to your course and quiz
    3. Begin your exam (some Learning Management Systems require you first logon via a standard browser, then launch LockDown Browser from your quiz page).

  5. When you start a quiz that requires LockDown Browser, you should see the following message. 

    Click "Yes" to open the LockDown Browser app.

    If you do not see the above confirmation message, but rather see a message that says your instructor has not enabled the use of a tablet for your exam, you will need to use LockDown Browser on a Windows or Mac computer.

  6. Once you click "Yes" to confirm "app self-lock,", you will see a message confirming that your iPad is now locked to LockDown Browser.

  7.  After you submit the exam, you'll see confirmation that your iPad is no longer locked to LockDown Browser.

  8. You can now either take another exam, or exit the LockDown Browser app.


Do not start Apple's Guided Access feature (by triple clicking the home button) and then enter LockDown Browser. If you do, you'll see this warning message at the top of LockDown Browser.

You can permanently disable Guided Access on your iPad by going to "settings" > "general" > "accessibility" > "guided access"