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For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

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ConfiForms Form Definition
saveButtonLabelSend Request
registrationFormTitleIT Service Request Form

FullNameFull NameEnter First and last nametexttrue


RelationshipYour relationship with usfalse[1=Applicant|2=Student|3=Staff|]select

StudentNumberStudent Number000000Please enter your 6 digit Student Number (If applicable)maskedtext

PhoneNumberPhone Number000-000-0000Number we can reach you at (Home, Cell, or Extension)text

EmailEmail AddressEmail address we can reach you at if you can't login to your Selkirk emailtexttrue

SummarySummary of IssuePlease provide a short description of your issuetexttrue

WebAddressWeb AddressPlease copy/paste the web address from your browser in this field if applicable.text

DescriptionDescriptionDetailed description of your issuetextareatrue

captchaSpam Preventioncaptcha

Relationship:2StudentNumberShow fieldRelationshiptrue

SCRequestYour ticket is submitted. Please check your email for any updates.Send RequestEmbeddedINLINE

Send Email[entry.Email]onCreated[entry.Summary]

Full Name: [entry.FullName]

Relationship: [entry.Relationship.label]

Student Number: [entry.StudentNumber]

Username: [entry.Username]

Phone: [entry.PhoneNumber]

Email: [entry.Email]

Web Address: [entry.WebAddress]

Description: [entry.Description.replaceCRLFWithBR]