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Table of Contents

Step 1 - Welcome Letter

Carefully read the Welcome letter email that has been sent to you by the College when your registration was accepted. This contains the information needed for you to gain access to the Selkirk College student email, computer labs and Moodle (online learning platform) sites.

Step 2 - Passwords

Follow those instructions step-by-step in the order provided. Make note of the passwords that you have createdYour username and password are synchronized, you only have to remember one set of passwords to access the sites mentioned in Step 1.

Passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • Passwords cannot contain the user’s account name or parts of the user’s (your) full name that exceed two consecutive characters.

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters in length.

  • Passwords must contain characters from three of the following four categories:

    1. English UPPERCASE characters (i.e. A - Z)

    2. English lowercase characters (i.e. a - z)

    3. Base 10 digits (i.e. 0 - 9)

    4. Non-alphabetic characters (i.e. !, $, #, %)

Step 3 - Course Details

If your course uses Moodle to deliver content, go to the Moodle site that has been provided to you in your Welcome letter email from the College. Have this information handy when you are ready to access your courses. Courses are typically available 3 - 7 days prior to official course start date.

Selkirk uses more than on site to deliver content; ensure you are selecting the correct link.

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Moodle Links By Program
Moodle Links By Program

  1. Fully Online Courses:
    You will have received an email from your instructor providing Your instructor should provide you with :
    • The url of the course which will take you to the correct learning space
    • The name of the course
    • The enrollment key, if one is used.
    Fully Online Courses:

    Your instructor may provide you with the course name and enrollment key at your first class.

Step 4 - Logging in to Moodle

Once you are on the correct Moodle site, at click on the "Log in" link at the top right of the page to log in. 

  1. Enter your username in the first field.

  2. Enter you password in the second field.

  3. Press "Log in".

  1. If you have already logged into your Selkirk College Microsoft Account, you will automatically be logged in.  If not you will be prompted to enter your credentials.

  2. Enter your Selkirk email address, click next, and then your password.

  3. Click "Sign In".

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Step 5 - Finding Your Course(s)

  1. Once you are logged in, use one of the three methods listed on the main login page to find your course.
    • If this is your first time in Moodle, use the Search Field.  Entering the complete name of the course is not necessary, you can enter a portion of the course name.

      Example: If your course is "Engl 111 W20XXXXX", you can enter "Engl 111" to display all the courses that start with that name. 

  2. Review the resulting titles and click on the one that matches the information you were sent/given by your instructor.


    Note:  Your course may not be ready for student access until just before the course start date.  Your instructor may provide you with an course availability date in the letter.  If it is not available yet, you will not see it in the list of courses.  Don't panic.  Check the letter from your instructor to see if there is an availability date.  If the available date has passed, send an email to your instructor to notify them.

Step 6 - Enrollment Key

Most courses will require an enrollment key.  The enrollment key is only needed the first time you access the course.   After the initial enrollment, each course will appear in your Dashboard.  

  1. Enter the enrollment that was provided.  Each course will have a different enrollment key.

  2. Click the red 'Enrol me' button.
  3. To enroll in more courses, return to the main (Home) page and repeat steps 5 & 6.

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