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There are several ways to move around in your course(s). There is no single 'right way'; it is a matter of personal preference.

 There are three navigation bars available:

Table of Contents

Displayed at the top of your screen

: Left side -

, from left to right: Navigation Drawer Icon, Selkirk Logo, Name of Course, Gear


Icon to access Course Dashboard.

  • Breadcrumb bar located in the header beneath the course title - shows the 'path' you have taken
  • Left Side Bar Navigation - it's visibility is controlled by the Drawer icon.  The icon is a toggle button. 
  • White Static Navigation bar - far right side

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    The "White Static Navigation Bar", located at the far right of your screen, contains icons for the notification menu, notifications for messages, your name, and a dropdown menu that allows with access to the Dashboard, Profile, Grades, Messages and Preferences.


    Navigation Drawer: The Drawer icon is a toggle button. See first image on this controlled by the Drawer icon (Image Added) in the top left corner of your screen.

    Clicking on it will either hide or display links to:

    • information Information on the site you are currently in . For example, (i.e. participants, grades (if the instructor has activated this tool) as well as links to:.
    • Home, Dashboard, My courses, Private files.
    • Home - the page you see when you first log inlogin.
    • Dashboard - a list of all courses you are enrolled in.  This view can be filtered and customized by you More on this later.
    • Calendar - shows all current Moodle activity dates for one or all courses you are enrolled in.
    • Private Files - serves a similar purpose as a Jump Drive
    • My courses - links for all the courses you are currently enrolled in.

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