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Updating My Profile

Your Moodle account was auto created.  By updating your profile preferences,

My Profile is divided into blocks that include: "User details", "Miscellaneous", "Reports" and "Login activity".  By updating your Moodle profile preferences you can set how you receive forum posts, choose how you communicate with other students on course related topics, upload a graphic or picture, etc.

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  1. To manage profile settings, including your grades (if the instructor has enabled this function)
is accessed from
  1.  click on the drop down menu adjacent to your name in the breadcrumb bar
.  It is on
  1. at the right side
.  Click on the 'down' arrow.

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My Profile

is divided into blocks that include: User details, Miscellaneous, Reports and Login Activity.

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Click on Edit Profile to:

  • Select who will see your email address
  • Enter your City/Country
  • Add a picture or graphic that will be associated with your name.
  • Enter any additional names
  • Optional Section: The only field to complete in this section is Student Number.  Enter your Selkirk College student number here.  We do not recommend entering data in any of the other fields.
    1. of your screen and select "Profile".

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    1. Any field with a red asterisk is required information.  You will not be able to save this screen if any of the required fields are empty. Click on Edit Profile to manage the following:
      • Email:  Select who will see your email address.



      • Leave your email address as  The College has provided this email address for your course work and this is how your instructors will be sending course-related communications. 

      • City/Town:
     This box enables you to
      •  required field.  Enter your city/town name.
      • Select a country:  required field.  Select the country in which you reside.
      • Timezone:  accept the default.
      • Description:
      • enter information about yourself which will then be displayed on your profile page for others to view.
      • User Picture:
    A picture is
      •   optional. You may upload a graphic or picture here. Click on "Add..." to select an appropriate image/graphic from the files on your computer or drag and drop your image into the area surrounded by a dotted line.
      • Additional Names:
      •   complete this section if appropriate.
      • Optional:
      •   add your Student Number. Selkirk College does not recommend students entering personal ID, phone numbers or addresses in these fields.

    1. Click "Update profileto save changes.

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