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Instructors manage the settings for LockDown Browser from the “LockDown Browser Dashboard” located within the "Tools" area of Moodle.  The LockDown Browser Dashboard has several advanced settings for the instructor.

Lock Students In To Browser

The first option can be selected to prevent students from exiting LockDown Browser before a quiz is submitted for grading. If this setting is NOT selected, students can exit the browser during a quiz, but will be prompted to enter a reason for exiting the exam early. The student’s response is available to the instructor from the LockDown Browser Dashboard.

If the setting “Lock students into the browser...” is selected, an optional password can be entered to enable a proctor to close the browser during a quiz.  Note: We don’t recommend selecting this setting outside of a proctored environment; if selected, a student will be unable to exit the browser if their Internet connection fails or there is an emergency.

Allow Access To External Web Domains

Normally, if an exam contains a link to an external web domain, students can view the page but all links and navigation from that page are blocked. This setting allows students to access any page or link within the specified domain. This is useful, for example, to provide access to an e-book during an exam. Multiple domains may be entered, separated by commas. Note: Available for Windows, Mac and iPad browsers.