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Respondus Lockdown Browser Set-Up (not Monitor setup)

  1. Login to your Moodle course site.
  2. Turn editing on.
  3. Locate and select Add a block (in the side Navigation Bar, left hand side at the very bottom).
  4. Select Respondus LockDown Browser from the drop-down menu.

 The Respondus block is added to your course. Location may vary (right or bottom) depending on browser window size .

Begin Using LockDown

Once you turn the LockDown Browser on for a specific assessment, upon access students will be asked to download and install the LockDown Browser before taking the exam. 

  1. Click on Dashboard: "Video Tutorials", "Getting Started", and "Resource" tabs are at the top of this screen.

  2. Click "Continue to LockDown Browser".

  3. The dashboard will display all the assessments created in your Moodle course on the left and LockDown Browser status on the right.  Click on the green drop down arrow beside a course to select options available:
    • Settings
    • Class Results and Exam Stats
    • Advanced Settings

  4. To activate or deactivate LockDown Browser for a specific assessment, click on the green drop down arrow and select "Settings".

  5. In the "LockDown Browser" settings window, you will have a choice of turning the LockDown Browser on or off. It can also be turned on or off at the Quiz level.
    1. Use "Advanced Settings" options to:
      • lock students into the browser until the exam is done (use for labs and proctored environments)
      • allow students to take the exam on an iPad, etc.  (see the options below).

    2. Save and Close after you change your settings.

Tip: Set up a practice exam using LockDown Browser for students to attempt prior to the marked assessment.