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This setting allows extra time (15  to 30 minutes ) on "Open the quiz" and "Close the quiz" to accommodate the time it will take the student to install LockDown Browser or to launch LockDown Browser.  This will not affect the "Time Limit" set. 

Note: As of April 1, 2020 there is heavy usage of our bandwidth, take that into consideration when setting the "Time Limit".

Extra Restrictions On Attempts

  1. Click on the "Show more...." as shown below:

    1. Browser security set to use LockDown Browser Dashboard.  
    2. Note this tells Moodle to use LockDown, the settings for how LockDown is to be applied are done through the LockDown Browser Dashboard.  This is located on your course moodle page.  It is an added block.
    3. Allow quiz to be attempted offline using the mobile app.  Select Yes or No.  If you choose yes, students will need to get the mobile app from the app store and install it.  Read Using iPad Edition of Respondus LockDown Browser.

Permitting Students To Add A Short Audio Or Video Clip

  1. Use the Essay Question Type.

    Response Options:

    1. Response format:
      • HTML editor with file picker - the HTML editor bar is visible to students. The editor tools bar by default is shown in collapsed form.  In order for students to see the record audio and video icons, they may have to expanded it by clicking on the first icon (shown below).  Provide this information to your students in the question field.

        Collapsed form:

      • HTML with file Picker expanded - the audio and video icons visible (see below).

Checking Quiz Logs And Student Logs

Many instructors routinely check the quiz logs and or student logs. Moodle logs every click of every one within the site.  By checking the logs you can see for example if a student has attempted to log in, has attempted to submit and assignment, or even moved from one page of the quiz to the next.  The logs also show the IP address of the user.

How is this useful?  For a quiz attempt, reviewing the activity on a particular question can provide valuable information.

  1. Click on the "Attempts"
  2. Select "Review Attempt"

    • Looking at the Response history of the question details the activity -  if they attempted it, if they saved it and then changed their answer, etc.

      • In the example below, Step 2, the student 'saved: a file", and then went back and removed it.  To see what they saved, click on the red number on the left.

        • The image below is what the student uploaded..... and then deleted.

Student Logs

Student Logs contain the entire history of their logs in a particular course.

  1. Click on the Students Name - this shows the students profile.
  2. In the Reports section, you can look at Today's logs or All logs.

    • What to look for in a invigilated (not an open book) quiz?  If between when the student starts an attempt, you see another 'Log In', followed by navigating to course pages, this indicates they have accessed the moodle site with a second device to view content.

      Note:  Each time a student moves from one page to the next, Moodle records "Quiz attempt viewed"

Remember....the logs are indicators.