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In This Article:

  1. Open the Quiz
  2. From the Quiz drop down menu select: "Manual Grading"

Managing Quiz Attempts For Manual Grading (Essay/Short Answer)

By Question

  1. 'To Grade' Column, click on 'grade' beside the question to be marked.
  2. Change the number of quizzes to the number of students in your course (default is 5).

  3. Order attempts - Random/date/student.  Random could allow instructor to be more objective.
  4. Save the setting (Change options)
  5. Select the question to mark, include Feedback and enter the mark.

  6. Save and go to next page

Individual Student Manual Grading

  1. Open the quiz.
  2. Quiz Drop down menu.
  3. "Results" > "Grades".
  4. Select the options for the report.

  5. The report can be sorted by First Name/Surname, date, etc.
    • In the example above, three questions have been auto marked, the essay questions (Q4 and Q5) show "Requires grading".
    • Depending upon the length of the quiz, use the quiz report scroll bar (not the browser scroll bar) to see the additional questions.
  6. Click on "Review attempt" beneath the student name.

  7. Make a comment or override mark.
  8. Enter the comment and mark.
  9. Save.
  10. Scroll to the next question that needs marking.


Completing the General Feedback section when the quiz is created takes more initial time.  The benefit is when you grade the answers - your feedback is shown to the student at the time the quiz is allowed for review.  This instant feedback eliminates questions (emails) from students as to why they received the mark they did, as well as gives you the criteria for marks given.