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The message block is added from the main page.

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  1. With editing turned on, choose "Add A Block".
  2. Select Messages.
    • Each user (instructors/student) configures their own messages. 
    • Contact lists can be created as well as blocking users
    • Contacts and messages can be "searched"
    • Messages - sent and received, are stored within Moodle in the message history.

Adding Contacts

  1. With Messages on the main page, click on the blue link "Messages".

  2. Enter search criteria in Search field
  3. From search results add desired contacts.
  4. Added contacts will appear in the "Contact" drop down menu list.

Receive Messages On Moodle Or Via Email?

  1. Configure when and how your receive your messages through "Dashboard" >"Profile" >"Edit Profile" > "Message preferences"
  2. Select ON or OFF  in the appropriate columns for either Popup notification (message icon appears on your Moodle screen) or the message can be sent via email if you are not online.  It is a long list of options.  Recommended:  Only change the default for Quickmail.  You and students can also disable notifications.

  3. Notification Preferences are accessed from "Edit Profile"
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