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The following steps outline supervisor instructions to approve or reject a timesheet submission in Unit4.

  1. Once the employee has submitted their timesheet, it will show up in the supervisor's top menu under the Task Management icon (check box). Click on the icon to display all tasks.

  2. Go to "Task Management" under the "Common" menu OR Click on the notifications and select "Task Management"


  3. Click on "Timesheet Approval"

  4. Select the first line to begin reviewing Timesheets, or select a specific line.

  5. Select the line on the left menu THEN review the entry.
    1. Review the line for the following: 
      1. Correct work order used. If you're reviewing a work study student, then only the work study work order should be used. 
      2. Correct time code used (i.e. regular time, stat holiday, etc.)
      3. Correct number of hours per day, and in total. 
    2. Action the request by either selecting "Approve" or "Reject."
      • Approve: Approves the submitted request
      • Reject: Rejects the request, provides the manager an opportunity to include a note as to why, AND/OR what needs changed before approval. The rejected line/timesheet will go back to the employee for correction with the comment.


  6. IF approved, move on to next line item.
    IF rejected, prepare for future response and re-review the timesheet submission once the employee makes appropriate corrections.