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Purchase requisitions will flow to Work Order Managers once the purchase requisition has been reviewed and updated with pricing and supplier information by the Purchaser. Approval is required before the purchase requisition can be converted into a purchase order. Rejecting the purchase requisition will kick the requisition back to the requisitioner to review and update as required before flowing back to the Purchaser and Approver the second time. Be sure to give the full reason for rejecting a request along with any information required in the comments box.

The steps below demonstrate the process to approve or reject a purchase requisition.

  1. When there are items pending for your approval, the notification will display on the top right corner of the Unit4 page as. The orange number indicates the number of items awaiting your approval. 

  2. Click on, to display menu options and list "Your tasks" pending for approval.

  3. To get to the approval screen, you may either:

    1. Click on a task to open the requisition approval screen, and directly approve/reject. Requisitions will be labelled clearly as "Requisition"

    2. Or,  click Go to Task management to view all tasks pending for your approval and select the task from there.

  4. As due dates are not currently used for workflows, tasks will be listed under "All tasks"

    • To group the tasks differently, click either "Step", or "Process" at the left bottom side of the screen. We recommend using "Process" to group your tasks.

      Example: The screenshot below shows "Requisition" as a group after grouping by "Process". This way, all the tasks showing on the right are all the requisitions pending for your approval. 

  5. As the workflow approver, click a task to open the approval screen on the right side of the menu below. Continue to click through the other tasks listed in this menu as you finish approving each requisition. 

  6. In the actual approval screen, click "Approve" or "Reject" to complete the step.

    1. When rejecting, the comment field is mandatory in order to advise the requisitioner of what needs to be changed for approval.