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Selkirk College's IT System Administrators have set size limits on staff GroupWise mailboxes. If you tend to keep every email you receive, don't keep up with the items coming into your mailbox, or send and receive a lot of large file attachments, sooner or later you will run into the mailbox size limit.  This article instructs how to manage your mailbox size via archiving and/or deleting messages to avoid disruption to sending GroupWise mail.

NOTE: If your reach your mailbox size limit, you are not prevented from receiving new mail, only from sending it.

  1. To find out your mailbox size restriction and how much capacity you have remaining in your mailbox, choose "Tools" then "Check Mailbox Size".

  2. The Mailbox Storage Size Information screen allows you to monitor the size of your mailbox and quickly remove items that are taking up valuable space.

    TIP:  You can also double-click "Mailbox Size" at the bottom of your GroupWise item list to bring up the Mailbox Storage Size Information screen.

The Mailbox Storage Size Information screen allows you to quickly scan the locations where large messages are most likely to be found (Sent Items and Received Items folders), and sorts them by size in descending order. To remove a large message, click on it and then select "Delete"; the message will be deleted from the source folder and emptied from the Trash (in other words, it's gone!). The disk space totals should update dynamically, so you can easily keep track of how much space your cleanup is recovering.

Here are some additional tips for keeping your mailbox size under control:

  • Frequently empty your Trash.

  • Frequently clean out your Sent Items folder.

  • Sort your mailbox items by size and delete the largest items.

  • Don't send messages with very large file attachments.

  • Monitor the "Mailbox Size" status bar located at the bottom-right area of the GroupWise main window. When it gets above 75%, start doing some housekeeping.

  • If you send an email with a large attachment, be sure to delete that item from your Sent Items folder (not the recipient's mailbox, of course) and then empty your Trash folder.

  • Make it a regular practice to clean out your sent items, your folders, and your Trash.



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