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  1. Navigate to  "My Employment" >"Expenses".

  2. Select "Expense Reimbursement" on the menu.

  3. Enter information into the following fields
    1. Purpose (i.e. Mileage for May)
    2. Date (leave as defaulted)
    3. Employee (i.e. your name)
    4. Work Order (i.e. your work order)

  4. Click “Add Expense” at the bottom of the screen to start adding lines for Mileage: 

  5. Under Category, select the appropriate option from the dropdown (i.e. "Mileage for Non-Execs").
    1. Complete the following fields:
      1. Category (i.e. Mileage for Non-Execs)
      2. Expense Date (i.e. date of travel)
      3. Description (i.e. Castlegar to Nelson)
      4. Quantity (KM’s) (i.e. 94)
        • The dollar amount for the mileage will auto-calculate in the last column based on the mileage type you select.

    2. Click "Add Expense" to start a new line and repeat steps i - iv above. Create one expense line per trip. You can start a claim and save it as a draft to add additional trips, ie submit one mileage claim per month. 

  6. Once all the lines have been entered for your mileage, click "Send for Approval" at the bottom of the page to submit.

  7. If your submission was transmitted successfully, a green box will appear and a transaction number will be assigned to the expense.