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Submit an Expense Claim

The following steps outline instructions to submit a purchase requisition in Unit4.

  1. Navigate to "My Employment" and click on "Expenses"

  2. In the expenses screen, click on "Expense Reimbursement"

  3. The following screen will open: 

  4. Fill in the highlighted fields:
    • "Purpose" – this would be reason for the expense.
    • "Date" – this is the date of expense. If you are submitting mileage for an entire month, simply use the date of submission.
    • "Employee" – this is your name, you cannot submit an expense on behalf of someone else.
    • "Work Order" – this is where you enter the work order responsible for paying the cost.
    • Click on "Add expense" to add the expense line.

  5. You can submit more than one expense item, simply select the Add expense button for each expense item. Remember that you must subtract any GST costs from your expense totals and submit a separate expense line for your GST: 

    • "Category" – this field gives you a drop-down menu of expense types to select.
    • "Expense Date" – this is the date of expense item.
    • "Description" – this field is where you can give details regarding your expense.
    • "Curr. amount" – this is where you enter the expense total, less any GST.
  6. If you have more than one work order responsible for an expense, you will need to split the expense into separate line items. 

    Example: The expense is for office supplies of $100.00 not including GST of $5.00 needs to be split equally between two work orders. The first expense line will be for $50.00 dollars with the work order entered using the down arrow () to reveal Cost Categories for that expense line. When finished, use the up arrow to minimize (). Enter the second expense line for the remaining $50.00 using the second work order. You will then enter an expense line for the GST. Note: Enter the Work Order first and press the tab button, the other Cost Categories fields will automatically populate (Activity/Intake is not required and should be left blank). Do not enter any other information, only the Work Order.

    Expenses Overview: The far right-hand section gives you an Expense Overview. Here you will see the ability to upload and match your receipts, and review your expense claim total. 
  1. To upload your receipt, select the "Add or Show Receipts" link in the "Receipts" section.
    • If you have not uploaded any receipts, you will need to click the "Upload receipts" button to find your scanned receipt saved on your computer: 
    • If you have uploaded receipts that are not matched, you will see these open first - to upload a new receipt, select the "Upload receipts" button at the bottom: 

    • To match a receipt to your expense item, select the expense line in the checkbox located on the left-hand corner. You will see the "Match to receipt" button turn blue - this indicates you can match your receipt by clicking it: 
    • Once matched, you will see a confirmation window open (if you've matched a receipt in error, click the "Undo" button (Note: you can only match one expense line at a time): 
  2. If you have uploaded a receipt or document in error and you wish to delete it from your receipts, select the drop-down menu bar under "Actions" to "Delete receipt". A confirmation window will open asking you to confirm deletion: 

  3. Click the "" icon on the product line to enter more details for the product.
    1. "Account" - default to the correct GL expense account based on the product you have picked in the previous screen. There is no need to change it.
    2. "Cost centre", "Fund" and "Work order"  Enter the work order you are assigned with if the purchase is for yourself.
      If you are purchasing on behalf of others, make sure to enter their assigned work order instead.
      It's to ensure the cost of the purchase gets recorded to the right place.
      "Cost centre" and "Fund" will be populated once "
      work order" has been entered. There is no need to change them.
    3. "Tax code" should default the correct value based on the product you have selected. There is no need to change it.
    4. Click on the "Product Text" tab in the following screen to add detailed descriptions of notes to the product you wish to purchase. This information is very important so that the purchaser could buy the right product. Please refer to the example given in step 7.
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