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For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

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How can I request additional software in Citrix?

If you would like to request a new program be added to the Citrix server, please contact IT Services at and submit an IT Ticket requesting additional software.

My desktop isn't keeping any data?

Citrix Remote Lab is configured to dynamically connect to any available on campus computer and desktop environments are not shared. Please save all data to your local computer or the College network drives.  

My Citrix connection disconnects? 

Citrix is configured to disconnect idle users after 24 hours of inactivity. We request that users disconnect from Citrix resources when no longer in use to preserve the College resources for all students. 

Can I access Citrix Workspace through my web browser? 

Yes you can although the browser-based version does not have the same level of integration with your local computer. 

 You can use the light version of Citrix Workspace app if you’re not using your work computer or don’t want to download the Citrix Workspace application software on the computer or device you’re using. The light version opens the apps in your browser.  

 To use the light version:

  1. Go to
  2. Install the Citrix receiver plugin.
  3. Select Detect Receiver

My Citrix Workspace performance is slow, what can I do? 

  1. Try using the Citrix Workspace through web-browser.
  2. Increase the Citrix Workspace to a full screen.
  3. Submit a ticket to IT Services at

Which Citrix Workspace application should I use? 

Check your OS version from Mac or Windows as described below.

  • MacOS: Click the Apple icon on the Apple menu and choose "About This Mac."

  • Windows: Press the Windows key+R, type"winver," and press Enter.

Once you’ve identified the Operating System, go to to download the Citrix Workspace App that is compatible with your computer. 

What happens if I lose internet connection? 

Because the Citrix system is like accessing a remote computer, you cannot use the app until you re-establish your connection. However, the remote session will continue in the background for up to 24 hours. The next time you connect within that 24 hours, your session will open in the same state it was when you lost their connection. 

 My program and/or Citrix is not responding, how can I reconnect? 

For MacOS users: 

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