Need More Help?

For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

Selkirk College offers a variety of platforms for storing data and collaborating with students and faculty including:

  • OneDrive - Personal / private data should be stored here. OneDrive is a replacement for your H: Home drive
  • Moodle - Instructional data (small)
  • Network drives - Instructional data (large). Network drives offer limited ability to collaborate with teams
  • Kaltura - Instructional Videos

Selkirk College is also currently internally testing Microsoft Teams for future deployment to the Institution. (Scheduled for 2022)

  • Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) - Team / Department data for collaboration

Note - OneDrive Sync functionality can only be used on Selkirk College computers.

Note - OneDrive only offers sharing of files with users that are authenticated in O365 services.

When to Use OneDrive

OneDrive is meant for personal storage. Each person in your organization gets their own OneDrive. Each OneDrive account usually comes with at least 1 TB of space (that’s…a lot). OneDrive is perfect for these types of files:

  1. Those that you only want for you. Likely personal (but still work-related) files that shouldn’t be shared; and
  2. Drafts of files you’re not yet ready to move to a SharePoint library for collaborative input or reviews.

You can collaborate in OneDrive, but it’s strongly discouraged. Sharing at the file or folder level quickly becomes a permissions nightmare. Additionally, when someone leaves an organization, their OneDrive is typically retired within 60 days. If your team is using that space to collaborate, those files may end up going away eventually, grinding you to a halt in the process.

When to Use Microsoft Teams (Scheduled for 2022 TBD)

Microsoft Teams is best used in two ways: for collaborating on files with others, and for publishing files for everyone to see. Team sites are great for collaborating, while communication sites are perfect for publishing. Team sites generally have few users but most (if not all) have editing access; you’re doing work, so why hinder them with permissions restrictions? Team sites are for getting work done. Team sites are for the team’s stuff.

What’s Similar Between the Two?

OneDrive and Microsoft Teams have the same underlying design and features.

In fact, OneDrive is actually just a single document library in a single SharePoint site collection but with a different logo.

They both support:

  • Office Online
  • File sizes up to 15 GB
  • Co-authoring (simultaneous editing)
  • Version history
  • File sharing (both internal and external)
  • Mobile device access
  • Local syncing of files to your devices