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Adding a Selkirk Branded signature to Outlook can be done in a few easy steps.  You can watch the step by step video or follow the steps below.


Start Google Chrome (You must use this browser).

  1. Go to the signature template located at
    1. On this page, press CTRL + A to Select All, then press CTRL + C to copy


  1. Open a new tab and access your webmail at Sign in using your Selkirk credentials.
    1. Click the settings icon on the top right of your screen.
    2. In the search box, start typing email and select Email Signature

    3. Paste the signature in the signature box by clicking in the box and using CTRL + V


  1. Update the fields in [ ] to your information.  You will need to fill in [Your Name Here], [Your Credentials Here], [Your Title Here], [Your Telephone], and [Your email address]

    Please highlight the field including the brackets [ ], press delete, and put in your information.

  2. Link the telephone number and the email address
    1. For the telephone link:
      1. Select the phone number
      2. Click the insert link button
      3.  Web address (URL) should have tel:123456789 (your number) 

      4. Click Ok
    2. For your email link:
      1. Select your email address,
      2. Click the insert link button
      3. Web Address (URL) should have,

      4. Click Ok

If you don't see the link icon in your tool bar click the ellipses icon to show more options


Your updated signature should appear similar to this:

  1. Click Save.  

You have now successfully added your Selkirk branded signature to Outlook on the Web.

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