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This Guide will demonstrate how to modify a live posting in U4R once it has been submitted to HR Recruiting.

1.  Login to your Unit4 Recruit Dashboard (

2.  Click on “Folders”. This is where you now access your candidates, instead of using the shared email folders. 

3.  In the ‘Folders’ page; it shows folders that are ‘Owned’ by you, or ‘Shared’ folders from postings in which you are on the hiring committee.

4.  If you have multiple postings, they will all show up here.

5.  Click on “View Candidates” to access all of the candidates who have applied for that posting.

6.  Choose “View Job Details”.

7.  Review the information in the posting. If you need to change something in the “Classifications” or “Posting Text” tabs, make your changes but DO NOT PRESS SAVE.

  • NOTE: If you press save, the posting will come down from the careers site and need to be re-approved.

8.  Instead, click on “Options” in the top right corner, hover over “Workflows” then click on “Submit for Change”.

9.  For the confirmation pop-up, choose “Yes”.

10.  You are now on a page with all of the Posting Classifications; change the ones that you need to change.

11. Click “Save” confirm by choosing “Yes”.

12.  The posting will continue to be live while it goes to the Recruitment team for review and approval.

13.  Once the posting changes have been approved, you will be notified and updated on the careers portal.