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For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

Create an IT Ticket

VPN is used by Selkirk staff to access network resources remotely from an IT provisioned laptop.

VPN access needs to be requested through the IT Service Desk. Once requested, IT will install the software on your laptop and you will be added to a group that allows access to specific resources on the network.

Request VPN Access

NOTE:  Internet connectivity is required to launch VPN.

  1. Launch VPN on your laptop.  There are two ways to launch VPN:
    1. Via the VPN icon in your taskbar:
      • select the caret (^), and then the VPN globe as shown below.

    2. Select from the program list via the start menu in the lower left of your screen
      •  → 

  2. Click "connect".

  3. Choose the group you have been assigned from the pull down list.


  4. Enter your network user and password in applicable fields and click "ok".

    It will display as "connected" when successful.

  5. To access your network drives, click the taskbar caret (^), then right click on "Client for Open Enterprise Server", and then click"OES Login" as shown below. 

  6. Login to OES using your network username and password.

    Now you should be successfully connected and your network drives mapped.