Need More Help?

For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

VPN Access with a Selkirk College Provisioned Device

  • Access through VPN means that you will connect to the Selkirk College network through our Cisco AnyConnect Client.  Once connected, you will be able to log in to the college's Novell network and access all mapped drives (i.e. H:/, S:/).
  • For security reasons, VPN access is restricted to college staff using a Selkirk college device (usually a laptop); access needs to be requested through the IT Service Desk. Once requested, IT will install the software on your laptop and you will be added to a group that allows access to specific resources on the network.

    Request VPN Access

  • For detailed instructions on connecting to the VPN, please see VPN - Remote Access to Network Drives.

NetStorage Web Access

  • Netstorage is no longer available as of August 2022. IT Services recommends to utilize Microsoft OneDrive or reach out to us for further consultation.

Portable Storage (USB memory device or external hard drive)

  • Content required off site can be stored on portable devices (i.e. laptop hard drives or USB memory sticks) for easy assess to your files.

Tips for using portable storage:

  1.  For security reasons, this method is not to be used for any content with any student information (personally identifiable information)
  2.  Remember to keep backups of this data on the Selkirk College network to prevent against accidental data loss due to device failure or loss

Microsoft OneDrive for Faculty and Staff

  • IT Services has launched Microsoft OneDrive for staff use.  This service will be for early adopter personal file storage and not a replacement for network shared drives.
  • To access and begin using your Selkirk College OneDrive storage, click here.

NOTE:  Signing up for personal cloud services accounts is not recommended.  Selkirk College has access to educational versions of the service that are guaranteed to be hosted within Canada, thereby ensuring data storage meets legislative requirements.