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Using Groups in an Assignment

Using the Group and Grouping feature in an Assignment allows the teacher to set it so that:

  1. only one member has to submit on behalf of the group.  This also permits the teacher to mark one assignment and the feedback and grade is automatically given to the members of the group.


  2. each member can submit their portion of the assignment.

This capability is a big time saver, but it must be set up correctly or you can end up with one person submitting an assignment and Moodle will allocate it to all class participants!!  

It is strongly recommended that once you begin this process, you complete it (i.e. no interruptions during the set up).

Assignment setting for a Group Submission

  1. Select "Course Management" then "Groups".

    1. First:  Set up the Groups in your course. 

    2. Second:  Set up a Grouping.  In this case we will call the name of the assignment (i.e:  Group Submission for XYZ).

    3. Third:  Put all the individual groups you have created into the Grouping.

    4. Fourth:  At the assignment
      1. Edit Settings
      2. Set the Availability,  submission types, feedback types as required.

  2. Group Submission settings:
    1. Students submit in Groups - Yes
    2. Require Group to make submission - No
    3. Require all group members submit - No

  3. Grouping for student groups:  Select the name you created at the Grouping level from the drop down menu.
    1. Set Notification.
    2. Set Grade.

  4. Common module settings:
    1. Group mode:  Separate Groups. 
      • Check to see that you have Groups enabled at the Course level (Course Management>Edit Course Settings>Groups> set this to either separate or visible groups).

  5. SAVE