Need More Help?

For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

The Quickmail block must be added to your course page.

Quick Mail Block:

To Use Quickmail:

  1. Click "Compose an email"

  2. Select the recipients from the "Potential Recipients" column and "Add" them to the "Selected Recipients" column.

NOTE:  If you are using groups, select the Group Name or "All sections" from the "Potential Sections".

  • Attachments:  Create a folder if there is more than one file to attach to the email.  Instructors must upload the file into the Moodle site to attach it, students do not.
  • Subject:  Enter the subject   This is important!!!  The email will not be sent without this required field completed.
  • Message: Enter the message
  • Signature: To use this, edit the Quickmail block on the main course page.
  • Receive a copy:  Recall that the email will go to the addresses that are used when the Moodle account is created.  By default that is a Selkirk College email address.
  • Actions:
    • Send the Email
    • Save it as a Draft - To view Drafts, use the link at the top of the Quickmail screen or from the main course page.
    • Cancel
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