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For IT support, visit the IT Service Centre or dial 55255 from a College phone.

Using Mitel Connect, Selkirk College employees are able to configure their “Available” status Mitel voicemail to allow users to press “1” for transfer to the employee's cell phone.  If the cell phone goes unanswered, the system will take a message using Mitel voicemail.


  • Must have Mitel Connect installed and configured on device.
    • VPN connection required to install when working remotely.


  1. Open Mitel Connect
  2. Top left corner of the window click on "Connect", then "Settings".

  3. In the left column click on "Call Routing".

  4. Click on the green "Change" button beside "If callers press 1 while listening to my voicemail….."

  5. Click on the first box that says ”Select Number”.

    1. Click on the radio button on the left side of the “Add Label Box”
    2. Enter “Mobile” in the label box
    3. Enter your 10-digit phone # in the “Add Number” box
    4. Click on the green “Use Selected Number” button

  6. Click on the Green “Next” button to record your new message.
    1. Select your sound mode by selecting either the Speaker for your PC or the handset icon for a headset.
    2. Click the green “Record New Greeting”
      • in your message include that the user can press “1” to be transferred to your cell phone.

  7. Click on the green “Save” button after you are satisfied with your message. You will be returned to the main settings page.
    • Your settings should now display: “If callers press 1 while listening to my voicemail greeting then try to find me at this Number: (xxx) xxx-xxxx (Mobile)".

  8. Click on the Green “Change” button to apply the changes.