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Remote Working Resources

As we work to remain operational during this evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, information here will provide some key strategies and resources to help you make the shift to successfully working remotely.  

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1. Tech and Access

Access to technology and a reliable internet connection are just two of the things you need to consider when working remotely. Review tools available to help you Keep Working.

2. Practice

If you don’t regularly work remotely, try accessing your key systems and materials as soon as possible in order to ensure a smooth transition.

3. Communicate

Make sure that your team and colleagues know how to contact you. Take a look at some tips and tools that can help you maintain communication with your coworkers.

4. Prioritize Work

Talk with your manager and colleagues to determine what is the most important work to complete during your time working remotely.

5. Update Your Meetings

Review your calendar and add dial-in options. Conduct meetings using Zoom and practice screen sharing for continued collaboration. 

6. Know Your Backups

If you or a family member are sick or unavailable, know to whom you can hand off essential work.

7. Plan Ahead

If there is a possibility you will need to work remotely, be sure to bring your laptop, charger and essential materials home after work. Be sure you have contact information for your supervisor, colleagues with similar duties, and anyone that you supervise.

8. Know Your Tools

Make sure you know how to access your network and necessary systems. We’ve collected information on accessing some key services.

9. Security Best Practices

Continue to employ the security best practices and report suspicious emails to as you work remotely. If you are working with sensitive information, be sure to keep any paperwork secured and to lock your computer when you are not using it. 

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