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What reports are available to me and what information do they include?

  • For detailed, step-by-step instructions to run these reports, please visit Budget Officer Reports - Supervisors (Unit4)

    Report TitleDescription

    My Employees

    Displays employees reporting to the user running the report.  Contains some employment details, like start/end date, pay step, FTE% and status.

    My Employees Vacation and Leave Balances

    Displays current balances for employees reporting to the user running the report.  Contains Vacation, Sick and Overtime banks as well as the PPWC 2% Vacation in lieu bank.

    My Employees Vacation Balance History

    Detailed review by employee of vacation balances and activity by pay period.

    Employments by Dean/Director

    Overview of employments according to cost centre so a Dean/Director can see the department/school's employees.
    My Employees by SupervisorDetailed listing of employees by Supervisor, the position (or employment) number, employment start and end dates, employment status, FTE%, and Pay Step. 
    My Employees with Cost DistributionsDisplays all Employees by Supervisor with cost distributions, if applicable. The employment and cost distribution dates will also be displayed. 

    Budget Analysis Report

    Synopsis of cost centre activity with the ability to see individual work order transactions compared to budget.
    Budget to ActualDisplays total income/expense by account for one work order. The current YTD amount is compared against the budget for the fiscal period and the report provides a budget remaining amount.


    Complete org structure, defining the department work orders and work order managers.

    Work Order Transaction Detail

    Detailed review of all transactions relating to a single work order.

    My Requisition Approval History

    Review of purchase approvals.

I don't remember my work orders - how do I see the work order numbers for all of my schools/departments?

How do I see all of my direct reports’ employees?

I approved a purchase in the system, but I don't see it. How do I know what I approved?