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I logged in to Unit4, but I don't see an option to submit a purchase requisition or mileage/expense claim.

If you do not see the Purchasing or Expense functionality in your Unit4 dashboard, this means that you do not have access.  In order to obtain access, you must complete the self-directed, online Moodle course.  Upon successful completion, our team will be notified and will provide access within 3 business days. 

Once you have access to the Finance functionality, your screen will look like this, select "Purchasing" or "Expenses" located under your "Start Pages":

Visit the Unit4 Training & Virtual Support page for more information and to start your training now.

Who needs to take the online training?

All Selkirk College employees wishing to submit purchase requests, travel reimbursement or mileage claims must complete the online training.

How do I know which work order to charge my expense or mileage claim to?

For most transactions that you will submit in Unit4, you will be using the work order that is associated with your position.

To find the work order(s) associated with your position, visit the Viewing "My Work Orders" information page. If you are unsure, check with your Supervisor.

How do I get my Supervisor's approval on my expense/mileage/petty cash claim or purchase request?

  • When submitting expense and mileage claims, your request is forwarded to whomever manages the work order you have selected when you click "Send for approval". In most cases, this will be your direct Supervisor unless you have selected an alternate work order, in which case, the request will be forwarded to that manager for approval.
  • When you click "Send for approval" at the bottom of the purchase request screen, the Purchase Request will be delivered first to Purchasing for supplier information and quotes, then to the approver (i.e. your Supervisor) based on the work order and amount. 

How do I make a change to an expense claim or purchase request I've already submitted?

To make changes to an expense claim:

  1. Navigate to "My employment" > "Expenses" 
  2. Click on "In progress".  This will produce any expenses you have submitted that are still in progress. 
    1. If the expense hasn't been fully approved, you are able to make changes and resubmit.
    2. If your expense has been approved, please contact Accounts Payable to make any changes. 

To make changes to a purchase request:

  1. Navigate to "My employment" > "Purchasing" 
  2. Click on "In progress".  This will produce any expenses you have submitted that are still in progress. 
    1. If the purchase request is still visible here, you are able to make changes and resubmit.
    2. If the request has already been sent for approval, please contact the Purchasing Department to make changes.

Who do I ask if I have a Unit4 Finance question and can't find the answer?

For questions relating to navigating the system, work orders or require user assistance, please forward your query to For technical issues with the system, including login errors, submit an IT Ticket.


How do I know what to order - is there a list somewhere? What if my product doesn't show up as an option?

There are three ways to find the product you wish to purchase: 

  1. Start typing the name/key word of the product in the "Product" box - the type ahead function will pick-up any products with that word. For example, enter "equip" to show products including equipment: 

  2. Tap on the space bar after clicking into the "Product" box, a drop-down list of the first 50 products will be available.
  3. Click on the ellipsis"(…)" next to the "Product" to open the "Value lookup" window. Here you can search by entering a word in the "Search criteria" box or you can leave the box empty and click "Search" to show all products (use the arrows at the bottom to move between pages):


    Note: The product list is generic, if you are unsure which product to use please contact the Purchasing Department.

For more information and detailed step-by-step instructions, visit UPDATED: Submitting and Tracking a Purchase Request (Unit4)

What do I do if my Purchase Request is rejected?

If a submitted Purchase Request is rejected, you will receive a notification in your "Task Management" area.  From there, you are able to make any required changes (i.e. provide additional information and/or supporting documentation) and re-submit for approval.

What kinds of things do we order through Unit4 Purchasing? Do I do all my own ordering now?

Purchase requests that you would normally make using a purchase requisition will now be in Unit4. For additional information and instructions, review UPDATED: Submitting and Tracking a Purchase Request (Unit4).

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to submit my Purchase Request?

  • Did you remember to enter the Word Order responsible for each product line? image2020-9-17_8-53-24.png image2020-9-17_8-58-28.png

Will I need to resubmit any purchase requests or standing POs?

  • You will not need to resubmit purchase requests that have been actioned prior to the launch of Unit4 Finance.
  • Standing Purchase Orders are active according to their initial dates and amounts. 

How do I submit journal vouchers?

If you require any cost adjustments to work orders, please contact Accounts Payable.

Is there a change to how I submit my BMO MasterCard reconciliation?

No. At this time, the only change to the BMO MasterCard process is the use of work orders and accounts on your reconciliation. To find your work orders, visit "My Work Orders".


Do I have to complete a Travel Request before I can submit a Travel Advance or Expense?

  • A Travel Request is required prior to submitting a request for a Travel Advance or prior to submitting a request for Travel Expense reimbursement. 
  • The Travel Request must be approved before you submit a Travel Advance. You will receive a notification from the system when your Travel Request has been approved. This is your queue to go and submit for a Travel Advance, but there is no requirement to submit for a Travel Advance.
  • When you return from your travel,  you may complete a request for Travel Expense reimbursement. At this time, the Travel Advance will be applied in your reconciliation. 
  • Travel Requests are not required for Expense Reimbursements.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please review  Submitting a Mileage Claim (Unit4)

How do I know that my Travel Request has been approved?

Once a Travel Request is approved by your Supervisor, you will receive a notification through email. 

Why don't I see the Travel Request approval?

You will not see a Travel Request approval until after the request has been approved by your Supervisor.

My Travel Request was not approved, do I have to create a new request with amendments?

If your Travel Request is rejected, it will appear in your "Task Management" screen.  From here you are able to edit with any requested changes, and resubmit for approval. 

How do I estimate my expenses for a Travel Advance?

When submitting your Travel Advance:

  • Add up any receipts you already have for your travel, as well as per diems for your trip.  
  • Enter the total estimated expense amount in your Travel Advance Request.

For more information about reimbursement of travel expenses, review Policy 9400 Travel - Reimbursement for College Business Expenses.

How long will it take to process my Travel Advance?

Once approved by your Supervisor, processing time for Travel Advances is 2 - 3 weeks.

I've returned from my travel, how do I submit my expenses?

Once you have returned from your travel, you will need to submit a Travel Expense claim.  This form can be found in "My Employment" > "Expenses" > "Travel Single Destination" or "Travel - Multiple Destinations", as appropriate for your trip. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please review Submitting a Travel Request, Advance and Expense (Unit4)

What happens if my advance was larger than my actual expenses?

If you have received a Travel Advance that exceeds your actual expenses, you will need to reimburse the college for the extra advance funds you received. Please contact Accounts Payable for information and instruction.

My travel plans have been cancelled suddenly, what do I do now?

If your travel plans have been cancelled after submitting a Travel Request and/or Travel Advance, please contact Accounts Payable.

How do I know if I can submit a meal as an expense while traveling?

If you have a question on whether a meal counts as an expense, please consult Policy 9400 Travel - Reimbursement for College Business Expenses.


How do I submit a mileage claim?

To submit a mileage claim in Unit4, please review the step-by-step guide Submitting a Mileage Claim (Unit4)

How do I get reimbursed from petty cash? Do I still do this in person?

  • You have the option of submitting an expense claim in Unit4. Please visit Submitting an Expense (Unit4) for additional information and detailed instructions.
  • If the amount for reimbursement is under $100, you may submit your petty cash form in person at the Finance office.

Can I submit all of my expenses at once?

Expenses can be submitted through "My Employment" > "Expenses".  Expenses are broken out into "Expense Reimbursement", "Travel - Multi Destination", "Travel Advance", and "Travel - Single Destination".

For additional information and detailed instructions, please review Submitting an Expense (Unit4)

What happens if I have expenses for different work orders?

When submitting expenses for different work orders, use a separate expense line for each work order.  For additional information and detailed instructions, please review Submitting an Expense (Unit4)

How do I know if my expenses have been approved?

Approved expenses will appear in the approved box in your Expense Dashboard ("My Employment" > "Expenses"). When an expense is rejected, it will come back to you as the employee to review in your "Task Management" area. 

My supervisor has not yet approved my expenses, what do I do next?

Confirm with your supervisor that your expenses have been received. If your supervisor does not see your expenses, there may an issue with workflow or tasks that will require some technical support to troubleshoot. Please submit a ticket to the IT Service Desk with the subject "Unit4 Expense Issue".

My supervisor rejected my expenses, what do I do next?

If a submitted expense is rejected, you will receive a notification in your "Task Management" area.  From there, you are able to make any required changes (i.e. provide additional information and/or supporting documentation) and re-submit for approval.

How do I delete an Expense Request?

To delete a request that has not been processed, navigate to "My Employment" > "Expenses" > "Drafts" and select the draft you wish to delete. This will open the expense draft. and a delete button will appear at the bottom of the screen.  


Note: you are only able to delete Expense Requests in Draft form; once your expense claim is in progress you will not be able to delete. Please contact Accounts Payable immediately to stop payment of an expense that you do not wish to submit. If you have already been paid, you will need to make arrangements to reimburse the College.

To delete a draft:

  1. open your drafts overview and select the expense you wish to delete.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, select "Delete" - you will be prompted with a warning box:

  3. Confirm "Delete" and you should see a success box appear confirming that you have deleted your draft.